The ideal program for the beginner or intermediate lifter looking to maximize muscle hypertrophy.
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It all starts with following a proper nutrition plan that aligns with your goals. Get started by discovering how much you should be eating.
Picking heavy things up and setting them back down doesn't cut it. Use advanced training techniques within your workout to maximize your ability to grow.
Exercise selection is vital to continue growing and always surpassing your adaptations. Get strategic workouts to accelerate muscle growth.

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Bodybuilding 101 is the ideal program for bodybuilders looking to optimize their physique. Whether you're training for the stage or domination on the beach, Bodybuilding 101 is designed to take your body to the next level. This hardcore program works on a 5-day split in which every major muscle group will be worked twice per week for the 12-week duration. All you need is effort and dedication and this program will take care of the rest. 

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Meet Dr. Jacob Wilson. With over 250 publications, book chapters, and conference abstracts, Dr. Jacob Wilson is one of the leading researchers in nutrition and human performance. Dr. Wilson is also the author of the Ketogenic Bible and CEO of the Applied Science and Performance Institute in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Wilson specializes in taking complex topics and turning them into tangible pieces of information, thus supporting his goal to bridge the gap between science and application. Dr. Wilson works tirelessly to educate and empower others in order to help people achieve the best version of themselves.
Dr. Jacob Wilson
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